Moanalua Elementary School: Fall Photo sales are no longer available

Yearbook Sales are "To Be Announced"

6th Grade Panoramic Photo dates are "To Be Announced"


This bulletin board has been updated on 2/15/22


Q: How do I see my photo before I order it?

A: We do not offer previews.  Make your purchase and if you are not satisfied, return your package for a full refund.

All refunds must be made 7 days after receiving your package.


Q: Your order forms says no checks. What if I pay with a check?

A: Your check will be returned to you and no order will be placed. We are firm about this.


Q: My online order is wrong. More packages were added and I paid for the wrong quantity.  How do I get a partial refund?

A: Contact us here for a cancellation on your whole order. As a part of our secure payment system we do not have access to your personal bank information, so we are unable to give you a partial refund. What we will do is cancel your transaction and you need to go in and make another purchase. 


Q: When will we get our photos?

A: Your photos will be delivered to your school 4-5 weeks after your photo day. Look here for updates and announcements. 


Q: What if I don't like my photos? May I retake it on make up day?

A: Yes, return your full package and for a $5 fee we will retake your photo and replace your package with the same package that you originally purchased.  Or, return your package and we will give you a 100% refund.


Q: When is the last day to order photos?

A: Deadline to order is 4/15/22. 


Q: When will we get our class composite?

A: Class composites are still being worked on by the school. This is so that we can include all students who took photos on the original photo day and the make up day. (last updated on 2/15/22)