Ewa Elementary Your make up date was Oct 28, 2021
Ewa Elementary your photo day was Sept 14, 15, 16, 2021

Your make up photo day orders are being printed now. Your class composites are being edited by your teachers and will be printed soon.

This bulletin board has been updated on 11/2/21.


Online Orders for Package M 

Please check your online order receipt. If you were not charged $23.00 for Package M your order has not been processed.   We apologize for this error on our website. If you would still like to purchase package M please return to our website and make your purchase.



Q: What if I don't like my photos? 

A: You may return your package to us on your make up day. You may either pay $5 to do a reshoot and we will

give you the same photo package that you have ordered. Or, return your package and we will give you a 100% refund.


Q: How do I see my photo before I order it?

A: We do not offer previews.  Make your purchase and if you are not satisfied, return your package for a refund.

All returns must be made 7 days after receiving your package.


Q: Your order forms says no checks. What if I pay with a check?

A: Your check will be returned to you and no order placed. We are firm about this.


Q: My online order is wrong. More packages were added and I paid for the wrong amount.  How do I get a partial refund?

A: Contact us here for a cancellation on your whole order. As a part of our secure payment system we do not have 

access to your personal bank information, so we are unable to give you a partial refund. What we will do is cancel your transaction 

and you need to go in and make another purchase. 


Q: When will we get our photos?

A: Your photos have been delivered to your school on 10/5. If you paid after the photo day there may be a delay in your package delivery.


Q: When is the last day to order photos?

A: Deadline to order is 12/17. You will receive your photos in January when you return to school.